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About us

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    Since 1950, we at Delfín Ultracongelados S.A. have been investing all our resources and efforts in the purchase, sale, preparation and distribution of deep-frozen fish and seafood products. Our Company is committed to quality, both in our products and our customer service, and we are unique in combining artisan tradition with industrial. Our strengths are:

    • Product range: We offer an extensive range of fish and seafood products.
    • Experience: Our Company has been a benchmark in the sector for over 60 years.
    • Tailor-made service: We respond to the specific needs of our customers.
    • Total quality: We guarantee the quality of raw material, processes, end product and after-sales service.
    • Innovation: Our R+D+i department is constantly developing new products and process improvements.
  • Historia Grupo Delfín

    Delfín started during the 1950s selling seafood products in Santo Domingo market in the centre of Madrid (Spain). It is here where starts to build its story. A family business which produces and distributes deep frozen seafood products. A company that puts all its efforts in creating products with a great quality and service to its clients, and that has been able to combine tradition and industrial development to perfection during the last 60 years.

    Delfín is today a benchmark company in the seafood sector with an exceptional flexibility toward its clients needs, increasing its quality throughout the whole chain, from origin of the raw materials to the final client.

    Following this idea and in order to offer products with the best quality standards and food safety Delfín is awarded with ISO 9001-2008, IFS and MSC certifications.

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    • At Delfin Ultracongelados, S.A. we believe it is essential only to offer products which meet the highest standards in both quality and food safety..
    • All processes are subject to the strictest food safety requirements and are certified to IFS v.6.1.
    • We guarantee total quality:
      • Raw material quality.
      • Preparation process quality.
      • End product quality.
      • Service quality.
    • Before reaching customers, our products go through strict quality controls: physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic during all process stages. We have our own laboratory to carry out these controls. Our analyses are checked by approved external laboratories.
    • Our presence in countries of origin, audits of our suppliers and our modern computerised management system allow us to ensure product traceability from country of origin to end consumer.

    An involved company

    In DELFIN ULTRACONGELADOS, the CSR is considered from a strong engagement in order to improve the impact of our activity over three main focus: employees, society and environmental management.

    In order to achieve this, we have elaborated a CSR action plan with the objective of use our efforts and resources to influence in a positive way in the in the manner we develop our activity.

    We have already approved a Code of Conduct that includes specific agreements for each of the groups of interest on which is focused our CSR.

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A large number of raw material together with a variety of production processes, technologies and packing formats make that final products which we are able to produce, they fit completely our clients necessities.

Versatility, flexibility and adaptability to our clients convert our products into bespoke products.

Consumer's corner



    In our Consumer's Corner we want you to now us, but also we want to know you better; because of that, we think that w would like you to have this space in our web, where you can send your ideas, recipes and improvement suggestions. A corner where we can tell you the characteristics and properties of the deep-frozen sea products and where we can give you ideas in order to cook them.


    Natural products

    • Delfín sea prducts are deep-frozen (extra fast freezing) inmediately after its capture, in order to preserve the taste and the nutritional value of the fresh products.
    • The deep-freezing process consist of freezing completely a product in less than 2 hours. To achieve this, it is necessary to have freezing edge technology machines, which reach temperatures of -40ºC. In this way, the temperature of the product drops very quickly and avoids that the cells of the product are broken. The properties of the sea product remain intact. In a traditional unprofessional freezing, the product freezes very slowly, which will make that part of its properties are lost.

    Healthy products

    • The nutritional components, vitamins and substances are maintained with total guarantee and security in the deep-frozen fish:
      • Fish: omega-3 fatty acids presents in fishes prevent from cardiovascular illnesses.
      • Shellfish: contains phosphorus and iron which are excellent for the brain and the memory.
      • Cephalopods: the proteins contained are essential for the tissues regeneration.
    • All the Delfín range products have been prepared respecting the most strict hygiene rules.

    Easy to cook

    • Delfín range of products is very easy to use, because of the fact that it offers half-finished products for its best use and easy consumption for all ages and budgets.
    • Before its consumption it is recommened to defreeze the product in the lower part of the fridge. The time that is needed for this defreezing process depends on the size/weight of the product:
      • For big pieces, such as: fish fillets and loins, lobsters, edible rock crabs, etc. Let them defreeze during 24h.
      • For smaller pieces: prawns, ready-to-eat products, etc. Let them defreeze during 12h.
    • Once defrosted, get rid of the rest of water of the product and cook it to taste.
  • The improvement of the quality in Delfin products concern us, and, because of that, we consider essential to encourage the participation of all of you in order to send us your suggestions, proposals and improvements initiatives, etc.

    Send your comments and suggestions to our email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Thank you so much for your collaboration.


  • Telephone numbers

    (+34) 925 157 130 / (+34) 902 934 924

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    Purchasing Department:

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    Customer Services:

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    Human Resources:

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  • Delfín Ultracongelados, S.A.

    Address: C/ Colmenas, 35
    45340 Ontígola (Toledo)

    • Latitude: 39.991067277488334
    • Longitude: -3.587651626983643


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